Acceptable Use Policy

The SendLayer Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) specifies certain activities that are prohibited in connection with the use of our services. This AUP forms part of the agreement you enter into with us.

If you break the terms of this agreement, or your account is used unlawfully, your SendLayer account will be restricted or terminated without notice.

Note: This document may be amended periodically. We may add more details or add new terms. SendLayer may change acceptable usage limits without prior notice.

Guidelines for Sending Emails

The following thresholds and limits apply to all SendLayer accounts:

ThresholdDescriptionAcceptable Limit
Emails bouncedMessages sent and subsequently bounced back to the sender.≤ 5%
Unsubscribe requestsNumber of email optout requests.≤ 1.4%, or 1% if unsubscribes are greater than clicks
Spam complaintsNumber of messages reported as spam.≤ 0.08%


You must have an active website associated with the domain that you verify in your SendLayer account.

Third-Party Lists

You may not send emails to any mailing list that has been purchased, rented, scraped, or acquired from a third party.

You must obtain clear consent from all recipients of non-transactional emails. The consent must be provable. It must be obtained using single or double optin with clear wording.

If you collect subscriptions using an optin form, the subscription checkbox must not be checked by default. This applies to online and offline forms.

If SendLayer receives an abuse complaint related to your account, you must be able to prove that the recipient consented to receiving emails from you. We will ask for relevant information, including:

  • The email address provided by the recipient
  • The date that you obtained consent
  • Where or how you collected their email address
  • Any other information we need to contact the recipient.

A clear unsubscribe link must be included in all non-transactional emails. The unsubscribe link must make it easy for recipients to opt out of any future email campaigns. The link anchor text must be accurate, clear, and easy to understand.

If a customer decides to opt out of receiving emails from you, you must act on that request immediately.

Sender Information

Every email that you send must include the sender name. The following fields must clearly identify the sender’s name and email address:

  • From
  • To
  • Reply-To

If you’re sending on behalf of a third party or partner domain, you must mention this in the email body. Third-party domains must be validated by the sender.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy policy must be published on your website and it must meet relevant legal requirements. You must also comply with the terms in your privacy policy.

Examples of Prohibited Use

SendLayer may restrict or close your account for any reason. These are some examples of the activities that are prohibited and will lead to immediate account restriction:

  • Activity that is likely to breach applicable laws, codes or regulations, including laws relating to privacy and unsolicited commercial email
  • Omission, deletion, or forgery of return addresses, IP addresses, and similar information
  • Negatively impacting or interfering with any aspect of our service or associated third-party networks.

This list is not an exhaustive list of all prohibited behavior. If you make any attempt to promote or engage in illegal activities, or activities that we deem to be abusive or irresponsible, we may restrict or close your account.

Examples of Prohibited Content

SendLayer prohibits content that we reasonably believe is unwanted, illegal, harmful, or poses a threat to the public. We also prohibit some types of content that are legal. For example, we do not work with senders that publish, store, transmit, or link to content that promotes:

  • Offering loans or debt collection
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Gambling activity that violates licenses, codes, or technical standards that are required by local laws where your site is hosted or accessed
  • Content that constitutes, depicts, fosters, promotes or relates in any manner to pornography, bestiality, or non-consensual sex acts
  • Content that otherwise unlawfully exploits anyone under 18 years of age
  • Content that is excessively violent, or could reasonably be seen to incite or threaten violence
  • Selling or promoting drugs
  • Harassment or hate speech
  • Chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any content that is unfair or deceptive under consumer protection law
  • Content that creates a risk to the safety and health of a specific person or the wider public
  • Content that is defamatory or violates the privacy of an individual
  • Content that may compromise national security or interfere with law enforcement investigation.

This list is not an exhaustive list of all prohibited content. Your account may be closed if you publish, store, transmit, or link to content that could reasonably be deemed abusive, dishonest, malicious, fraudulent, or morally repugnant.

Shared Resources

You must not consume a disproportionate share of our resources. Any usage that interferes with the normal operation of our system is prohibited. For example:

  • If we detect an issue with your code that impacts other customers’ use of the platform, we may require you to fix the code
  • If we detect a virus or corrupted code which could infect or corrupt our data or other customers’ data, we may quarantine or delete your data.

Email Validation

You may not use SendLayer to:

  • Verify the email address for someone who has opted out from your emails
  • Verify the email address for someone who hasn’t opted in
  • Validate email email addresses that were purchased, rented, obtained as part of a list, or obtained from a third party
  • Generate or harvest email addresses
  • Test email addresses to determine whether they exist or not.