Get Emails Delivered From Any Website or App

Whether you’re using a CMS like WordPress, or a custom app, connect via SMTP for better deliverability

  • 200 Free Emails
  • Easy Setup
  • 5 Star Support

An SMTP Solution Made For Developers

No marketing speak. We’re developers at our core and we built SendLayer in a way that would make our lives easier, with a super easy SMTP connection for sending email in our own custom projects.

Speak Your Language, We’ll Understand It

It doesn’t matter what programming language you use to build your backend, your emails can work via SMTP

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • … and more!
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Give Your Server Relief

Your website or app has a lot going on. Unload the burden of sending emails to a system that was designed and built to send millions of emails reliably.

Using SMTP Helps Server Load

Connect With Any Website Platform or Custom Application

Easily integrate with WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and more. If you can add SMTP details, you can send with SendLayer.

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Get Started With the Most Powerful Email Delivery Platform

Send your emails with confidence using SendLayer.

Better Deliverability

Show up where it matters, in the inbox. Nobody will see you if you’re in spam.

100+ Integrations

Seamlessly connect with WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and more.

Fast Email Delivery

Appear in your user’s inbox quickly. Don’t make them wait for notifications.

  • 200 Free Emails
  • Easy Setup
  • 5 Star Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMTP?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a standard internet protocol for sending emails. SMTP allows different servers, and devices, to send and receive emails.

Can I have multiple SMTP users?

Yes, there is no limit to how many SMTP users you can add. Create one for yourself, your production server, and your backup server with no issues.

Can I have multiple SMTP connections?

Yes, you are not limited to the number of active SMTP users and the number of SMTP requests you make. Note: Excessive SMTP request frequency will be prevented by SMTP rate limiting.

Do you offer a free dev environment?

Yes we have a free plan that lets you send hundreds of emails. You can use this to test your application. Get started for free now >

Get Started With the Most Powerful Email Delivery Platform

Send your emails with confidence with Sendlayer.

  • 200 Free Emails
  • Easy Setup
  • 5 Star Support

Do More With SendLayer

Having SMTP access is incredibly helpful, but we don’t stop there.

Detailed Email Logs

Track the full email journey to verify that your emails are making it to their destination.

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Open and Click Analytics

Check engagement on individual emails and filter them by status or recipient.

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Mailing Lists

Create emailing lists email groups and manage them in your dashboard.

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API Email Relay

Easily connect your website or app via API to power your email efforts.

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SMTP Email Relay

An SMTP setup so easy that you only need to copy and paste credentials.

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Email Analytics

Track the metrics that matter to you so you can optimize for performance.

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