Editorial Policy

Thank you for being a valued visitor to the SendLayer website. This page explains how our editorial decisions are made.

Note: This document may be amended periodically.

Company Information

SendLayer was founded in 2022 to provide transactional email services. We’re proud to be part of the Awesome Motive family along with other prominent WordPress brands like WPBeginner, All in One SEO, and WPForms.

About the SendLayer Team

The SendLayer team is comprised of email deliverability experts. Our writers and editors are deeply familiar with email deliverability best practice, particularly in relation to the WordPress ecosystem.

We sometimes publish content produced by experts in other Awesome Motive products.

If you’d like to write for the SendLayer site, please check out the Awesome Motive careers page.

About Our Blog

The SendLayer team produces content for our blog and various website pages. Our content is designed to showcase and market our services. We also review and compare products from competitors and other Awesome Motive brands.

  • We take pride in producing accurate content to help you achieve the best possible email deliverability and grow your business.
  • All of the solutions we explain have been thoroughly tested, and our tutorials are based on real-world experience.
  • We install, test, and use the products we feature in our content so we can recommend the best solution or product for a particular purpose.
  • Each new piece of content is reviewed for accuracy by at least one Team Lead or Manager to ensure high quality and accuracy. All code snippets are also thoroughly tested by our in-house development team.

We invest time and resources in keeping our content updated so that our readers benefit from the best possible advice. Several team members are responsible for checking and refreshing content every few months, supported by a full-time Content Editor. If you find content on our site that is out of date, it helps us a great deal if you could post a comment, and we will edit that content as a priority.

Our team does not accept guest blog pitches. We sometimes invite deliverability experts to post on our blog at our discretion.

Our Funding

  • We only recommend products that we have reviewed and tested. Our opinions are our own.
  • We do not use referral links for products we would not use personally.
  • We do not feature products in return for payment, nor do we publish sponsored articles.

For more information, please refer to our FTC disclosure page.


If you’d like to get in touch, please feel welcome to drop us a message via our contact page. Thank you for your interest!