SendLayer vs Mandrill

Why SendLayer should be your choice for email

  • Transactional 

  • Confirmation 

  • API-Based

  • Shipping

  • Password 

  • WordPress Emails

  • 200 Free Emails
  • Easy Setup
  • 5 Star Support

SendLayer works seamlessly with 1,000+ platforms:

Help Scout

I didn’t expect a response so quickly! Nor did I think it would be so detailed in the explanation. ! Highly recommend it!


Fantastic to get fast service when the need is urgent! My website emails appointment reminders, booking confirmations, and similar. It quickly becomes unmanageable without reliable service. Much appreciated!


David went up and beyond to help me figure out my problem. He’s very good at explaining things.


6 Reasons Why Users Choose SendLayer

Here’s why we believe SendLayer is the right fit for your website or app.

Quick and Easy

Get Started Right Away

SendLayer’s straightforward interface and extensive documentation make it easy to add your domain.

SendLayer setup illustration
Reliable Email Delivery

Avoid Spam Filters and Ensure Email Delivery

We’ll guide you through the DNS setup to prevent your emails from getting lost in the spam folder, ensuring high deliverability rates.

Reliable deliverability illustration
Powerful Sending Infrastructure

Instant Delivery for Time-Sensitive Emails

Don’t keep your customers waiting. With SendLayer, important emails are delivered instantly, providing recipients with the information they need without any delay.

Sending infrastructure illustration
Detailed Analytics

Get Actionable Statistics To Make Decisions

Gain valuable insights into your email performance through detailed analytics, including opens, clicks, bounces, and more, conveniently displayed on your dashboard.

Email Analytics Dashboard illustration
Seamless Integrations

Compatible With Any Plugin or App

Effortlessly connect SendLayer to your preferred plugins, platforms, or custom applications using our SMTP server or API.

SendLayer integration examples
Industry Expertise

Exceptional 5-Star Support From Email Experts

Count on our dedicated team of email experts to provide you with top-notch support, guiding you through any questions or challenges you may encounter.

SendLayer support illustration

Get Started with the Most Powerful Email Delivery Platform

Send your emails with confidence with Sendlayer.

  • 200 Free Emails
  • Easy Setup
  • 5 Star Support

Uncompromising Quality at Affordable Prices

Enjoy reliable email delivery without straining your budget.

SendLayer Features Overview
How does SendLayer compare?Mandrill
Simple Setup
List Management
Email Tracking
Base Monthly Pricing$5$20+
Standalone Product
Free Trial

The Right Tools for Your Email Success

Awesome deliverability

Hit the inbox every time with SendLayer’s superb deliverability.

Detailed email logs

Track emails sent and bounce rates right from your dashboard.

Open and click analytics

Check engagement on individual emails and filter them by status or recipient.

Mailing lists

Create emailing lists email groups and manage them in your dashboard.

Simple suppression list

Protect your delivery reputation by easily suppressing email addresses you don’t want to send to.

Event-based webhooks

Easily set up webhooks and get notified about important events.

SMTP and API based email relaying

Send emails through our SMTP server or API.

Multiple SMTP and API credentials

Create additional sender credentials for each domain with a couple of clicks.

Secured accounts

Protect your account from unauthorized use with two-factor authentication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more? If your question isn’t listed here, please contact us for a speedy answer.

What is SendLayer?

SendLayer is a user-friendly and robust transactional email provider. Maximize your deliverability, reliability, and scalability using our SMTP relay and email API.

Who can use SendLayer?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you can connect with SendLayer to send your emails. If you need help, you can contact our team or explore our library of documentation.

Do I need coding skills to use SendLayer?

You don’t need to be a coding guru to get started with SendLayer. Our simple integration allows seamless connectivity with popular WordPress plugins and various applications.

I want to test SendLayer first. How can I do that?

Take advantage of our free trial and start sending hundreds of emails without any cost. Explore the full range of features, including integrations via API and SMTP, email logs, analytics, list management, and more. If you need to increase you sending limits, you can easily upgrade from your dashboard.

How does your billing work?

All of our plans are billed annually, and your monthly sending limit resets automatically. In the event that you exceed your plan’s limit or run out of trial emails, we’ll automatically upgrade you to ensure uninterrupted email delivery.