Docs Error Library Configuration Errors Error 554-5.7.0: Too Many Unauthenticated Commands

Error 554-5.7.0: Too Many Unauthenticated Commands

What Is Causing This Error?

Error 554-5.7.0 occurs when too many SMTP commands are issued without proper authentication, indicating that the email server has detected an attempt to send emails without completing the necessary security protocols.

This often happens when an email client or application tries to execute multiple operations before authenticating with the server, which can be interpreted as suspicious or spam-like behavior.

Resolving the Error – Solution

To fix ‘Error 554-5.7.0: Too Many Unauthenticated commands’, make sure you log in to your SMTP server before sending emails or any other commands. Slow down your email sending process to avoid triggering security filters.

Properly setting up your mailer helps avoid this error by ensuring all commands are recognized and allowed by the server.

That’s it! Now you know how to fix the 503-5.7.0 error.

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