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In this article, we’ll explain what SendLayer is and a bit about how it works.

What Is SendLayer?

SendLayer is a transactional email delivery service. It helps you send automated emails from your website and deliver them reliably to users’ inboxes via Application Programming Interface (API) or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Our platform helps you authorize your website’s domain so that email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook know that your emails are legitimate and not spam. It does this by providing DNS (Domain Name System) records for you to add to your server. It can also communicate with your website through our secure API to collect email data such as your open rate.

Additionally, SendLayer includes features such as email logging and click tracking to help you monitor your emails, as well as email tagging to organize and segment your outgoing emails.

How Does SendLayer Work?

In short, SendLayer improves your website’s email deliverability through 2 methods:

  • Modern email infrastructure. First, when you send an email from your website, SendLayer processes the request through our API or through SMTP (depending on your setup). Then it routes your emails through our modern, state-of-the-art email infrastructure to deliver them to recipients’ inboxes reliably and quickly.
  • Domain authentication. SendLayer also authenticates your domain as an email sender so that providers like Google and Outlook know it’s reputable and isn’t sending spam to users. To do this, we give you DNS records to add to your domain’s DNS settings.

If you’re new to SendLayer, some of these terms might be unfamiliar or confusing. We’ve created several resources you can check out for more details on how SendLayer works:

What Are the Benefits of Using SendLayer?

SendLayer provides several benefits that you can start accessing as soon as you authorize your domain and send your first email. These include:

  • Improved deliverability. By authenticating your website’s domain, SendLayer prevents your emails from ending up in users’ spam folders (or not being delivered at all).
  • Increased reliability. SendLayer delivers your emails as fast as possible so your users don’t have to wait around for password resets, order confirmations, or other important messages.
  • Simple scalability. Our plans work for small websites sending just a few hundred emails per month, or enterprise-level sites that need to consistently deliver tens of thousands of emails to their customers. You can easily upgrade any time right from your account dashboard.
  • Accessible insights. In your SendLayer dashboard, you can find all kinds of data about the number of emails you’ve sent, their delivery status, how many people are opening them, and if recipients are clicking on links in your messages.
  • Sender reputation protection. Your domain’s reputation as an email sender is vital to making sure your emails deliver successfully. SendLayer protects your domain’s reputation by sending emails from a subdomain and letting you set up a suppression list to avoid sending emails to addresses you don’t want to interact with.

All of these features make managing your site’s transactional emails easier and improve your recipients’ experience, too.

Getting Started With SendLayer

If you’re ready to start using SendLayer, you can follow our tutorials to set up your account, authorize your domain, and connect your site so your emails deliver reliably. Check out these first steps:

That’s it! Now you know everything there is to know about SendLayer.

Next, would you like to create your account and start sending transactional emails more reliably? Check out our tutorial on creating your SendLayer account for more information.