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Error: Password Command Failed

What Is Causing This Error?

The SMTP error: ‘Password command failed’ is about the email password. Here’s what these error messages usually mean:

  • Password Incorrect: The error ‘Password command failed: Authentication unsuccessful’ pinpoints an incorrect SMTP password as the cause. The SMTP server is rejecting the credentials because they don’t match what’s on record.
  • Too Many Login Attempts: ‘Password command failed: Too many login attempts’ means you tried to log in too many times with the wrong password. Your email hosting provider might lock your account for safety.

Resolving the Error – Solution

To fix the ‘Password command failed: Authentication unsuccessful’ error, start by double-checking your email password. A simple typo or an outdated password can often be the issue.

If you’ve been locked out due to too many incorrect attempts, reach out to your email provider. They can help you get back in, whether it’s guiding you through a password reset or explaining any lockout period.

That’s it! Now you know how to troubleshoot and fix the ‘password command failed’ error.

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