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Error: SMTP connect() failed

What Is Causing This Error?

The ‘SMTP connect() failed error is an indication that there’s an issue with the connection to your SMTP server. The common reasons include:

  • Incorrect SMTP settings: A common reason for this error is having incorrect SMTP settings. This might involve details such as the SMTP host, email, or password. For instance, you might have set the SMTP Host to something generic like ‘’ instead of the specific address provided by your SMTP host.
  • SMTP Port blockage by hosting providers: Some web hosting companies, like GoDaddy, might block the required ports for SMTP. This blockage can prevent your website from connecting to the SMTP server.
  • Firewall issues: There might be a firewall between your web server and the SMTP server, stopping them from communicating.

Resolving the Error – Solution

To resolve this error, we recommend reviewing your SMTP configuration and making sure each field has the correct value.

If the error persists, it could be server related. In this case, we suggest contacting your hosting provider with the exact error message you see on the SMTP plugin’s error log. They should be able to troubleshoot and fix the error.

Note: The Other SMTP mailer in plugins like WP Mail SMTP and Easy WP SMTP don’t use a dedicated email API. This can lead to errors such as the ‘SMTP connect() failed’ error. We suggest switching to a dedicated email service provider like SendLayer if the error occurs frequently on your site.

That’s it! Now you know how to fix the SMTP connect() failed error.

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