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How to Set Up SendLayer On Bluehost

Are you ready to use SendLayer with your Bluehost domain?

SendLayer makes it super easy to send transactional emails from your domain on Bluehost.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up your domain with SendLayer on Bluehost.

Before you get started, be sure to:

Accessing DNS Records in SendLayer

When you add a domain to SendLayer, 5 unique DNS (Domain Name System) records are automatically generated for your domain.

DNS Records in SendLayer

For more information, check out our article on why SendLayer creates a subdomain.

SendLayer provides the following types of DNS records:

Each record has a HOSTNAME, VALUE, and TTL (time to live) unique to your domain. These 5 records must be set up in Bluehost so you can use SendLayer with your domain. We’ll show you how to set up these DNS records in the following steps.

Locating DNS Settings in Bluehost

To get started, open Bluehost and log in to your account.

To find your domain’s DNS settings once you’ve logged in, first click Domains.

Click on domains

Next, click My Domains.

Click my domains in Bluehost

On the domain you’d like to modify, click the triangle next to the Manage button to open the menu.

Click the triangle next to manage

In the Manage menu, click DNS to open your domain’s DNS settings.

Click DNS in the Manage menu

Now you can edit your domain’s DNS records. These are listed in the DNS Manager.

The DNS Manager

Adding DNS Records in Bluehost

Under DNS Manager, scroll down until you reach the list of CNAME records. The list below represents an example from an existing site.

Example CNAME Records

You can begin adding the records SendLayer provided by clicking Add Record.

Add CNAME Record

This will open a new area that allows you to enter details for a single record.

Adding a new CNAME record

First, you’ll need to copy the HOSTNAME from SendLayer. You can copy the HOSTNAME in SendLayer by clicking the copy button to the right of the relevant entry.

copy hostname value

Enter the HOSTNAME from SendLayer into the Host Record field in Bluehost. When adding the HOSTNAME, be sure to only add the subdomain, since Bluehost will add your domain automatically.

For instance, if your HOSTNAME is, only input sl in the Host Record of the Bluehost interface.

Host added in Bluehost

Returning to SendLayer, copy the VALUE of the record you’re adding.


Next, you can enter the VALUE, which corresponds to the Points To field in Bluehost.

VALUE added

For the TTL, use a value of 4 hours (min).

TTL set

Finally, click on the Save button to add your new record.

Click save

You can now add the remaining DNS records by repeating the steps above. When you’re finished, you should have 4 CNAME records and 1 TXT record.

For example, your CNAME list should resemble the screenshot below:

The full list of CNAME records

You should also have the corresponding TXT record from SendLayer.

TXT list in Bluehost

Checking Your Domain Status

After adding the DNS records to your Bluehost account, you can verify they’ve been successfully propagated from within your SendLayer account. It can take up to 48 hours for new or updated DNS records to propagate completely.

If you’d like to know how to check that your DNS records have been successfully added, you can check out our tutorial on checking your domain status in SendLayer.

That’s it! Now you know how to set up SendLayer with your domain on Bluehost.

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