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How to Set Up SendLayer on

Ready to set up SendLayer for your site on

SendLayer streamlines the process of sending transactional emails from your domain.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up SendLayer for your site on

Before getting started, be sure to:

Accessing DNS Records in SendLayer

Once you’ve added a domain to your SendLayer account, SendLayer will automatically detect your domain host and generate 5 DNS (Domain Name System) records unique to your domain. dns records

If it doesn’t detect the correct domain host, click Change your domain host here to choose your domain registrar.

Change main host

In the overlay that appears, click the Choose your domain host dropdown and select from the available options.

Choose Your Domain Host

Note: Once you’ve added a domain to your account, SendLayer generates a subdomain for you, namely sl.

For instance, if your domain is, SendLayer will give you To learn more, check out our guide explaining why SendLayer creates a subdomain.

SendLayer provides the following types of DNS records:

Each record type has a unique HOSTNAMEVALUE, and TTL (time to live) for your domain. For, you’ll only need to use the HOSTNAME and VALUE for each record. We recommend leaving the TTL as default when using

We’ll cover all you need to add each of the 5 DNS records to your account in the next few steps.

Locating DNS Settings in

Once you’re ready, log in to your account and click MY DOMAINS.

Click MY domains

You’ll see a list of all your domains:


On the domain you’d like to modify, click QUICK LINKS.


Next, click Manage DNS Records.

Click Manage DNS Records in the QUICK LINKS menu.

You will now see a list of all records corresponding to your domain.

Manage DNS in

Adding DNS Records in

First, choose the type of record you’d like to add from the dropdown list.

Select record type

For the first record, select the type CNAME.

CNAME selected in

Next, copy the HOST from the corresponding record in SendLayer.

Hostname will automatically append your domain when adding the HOST to any record.

Enter sl as HOST

Next, copy the VALUE from SendLayer. You can use the copy icon in the SendLayer interface to simplify the process.

Copy hostname value

Now, type or paste the value into the ANSWER field on showing the VALUE field filled in.

Be sure to leave the TTL at the default value of 300 seconds, which is equal to 5 minutes.

Once you’ve added the necessary information from SendLayer, click ADD RECORD.

Click the ADD RECORD button

That’s all you need to finish this setup. Just repeat the previous steps using the corresponding HOST and VALUE to add the remaining 4 records. When you’re finished, you should have 4 CNAME records, and 1 TXT record, for a total of 5.

This should give you a list of records similar to this example:

All records added for SendLayer on

Note: New records may take between 24 to 48 hours to propagate.

Checking Your Domain Status

You can easily verify that your DNS records have been successfully propagated from right within SendLayer. Please note that it may take between 24-48 hours before the changes to your domain are fully applied.

That’s it! Now you know how to set up SendLayer on

Next, would you like to learn how to add additional domains to your account? Check out our tutorial on adding additional domains for more information.